52 Gun Raffle Winners

The first drawing for numbers will be posted on July 4th.
 All the guns from the raffle are located at the Casper store of Rocky Mountain Discount Sports. The winners need to call Rocky Mtn Sports store in Casper at 265-6974  to make arrangements to get their gun delivered/transferred to another location for pick up.

Rocky Mtn. Sports will transfer the gun through any Rocky Mountain Discount Sports store location for no fee, but it may take a week or so to get it to a different location as the store owner hand carries them when he travels between stores. If the guns are to be transferred to a different FFL holder, the gun winner will need to pay for shipping and a transfer fee; which is approximately $50 for most of the guns.

  1. Beau Garrison of Rock Springs, WY
  2. Suzie Kirwinskee of Jackson, WY
  3. Richard Wellman of Newcastle, WY
  4. Gordon Smith of Douglas, WY
  5. Unclaimed Ticket #181
  6. Nick Hunsaker of Smoot, WY
  7. Gerald Massick of Sheridan, WY
  8. David Moore of Douglas, WY
  9. Scott Keene
  10. Danielle Groeneweg of Fort Lupton, CO
  11. Gregory Hopper of Cheyenne, WY
  12. Steven Thayer of Elko, NV
  13. Darrin Goyn of Green River, WY
  14. Donald Farmer of Cheyenne, WY
  15. Tonya Dove of Cheyenne, WY
  16. Martin Noonan of Sundance, WY
  17. Richard Saunders of Smalon, KS
  18. Jeffrey Aullman of Farson, WY
  19. David Noland of Rawlins, WY
  20. Mr. Miears of Cody, WY
  21. John Light of Dubois, WY
  22. James Lemmer of Abingdon, MD
  23. Crossbar Photo of Johnstown, CO
  24. Dan Schaich of Cheyenne, WY
  25. Robin Graves of Wheatland, WY
  26. Merle Lossing of Sundance, WY
  27. Scott Keane
  28. Tom Stoker of Cheyenne, WY
  29. Peter Starrin of Littleton, CO
  30. Patrick Peterson of Petersburg, PA
  31. Jason Hurly of Cheyenne, WY
  32. Robert Bachman of Great Falls, MT
  33. Governor Dave Freudenthal of Cheyenne, WY
  34. Rocky Clement of Tallahassee, FL
  35. James Cox of Casper, WY
  36. Kenneth Bixler of Cheyenne, WY
  37. Brian Spiva of Mills , WY
  38. Thomas Giordano of Cheyenne, WY
  39. Vern Moore of Douglas, WY
  40. Michael Swilling of Cheyenne, WY
  41. Dustin Ragon of Jackson, WY
  42. Larry Paine of Green River, WY
  43. Daniel Kricken of Laramie, WY
  44. Randy Merritt of Cody, WY
  45. Island Richards of Rock Springs, WY
  46. Douglas Beran of Casper, WY
  47. Random Smithson of Plentywood, MT
  48. Curtis Davis of Casper, WY
  49. Justin Cline of Cheyenne, WY
  50. Joe Mosley of Casper, WY
  51. Christopher Vermeulen of Casper, WY
  52. Gary Longhry of Casper, WY is our BIG WINNER!!