Our Heroes

Each year, with the cooperation and participation of our Administrator, Colonel Jess Oyler and political leaders, the Wyoming Highway Patrol Association bestows awards to deserving individuals. These are both sworn and civilian members of the Wyoming Highway Patrol, and, unattached citizens who earn this honor through selfless acts of bravery or compassion for their fellow man. We are honored to post them here for the world to see.

The Medal of Valor

The Medal of Valor, our highest award, is presented to sworn officers only, who, at extreme, clear and direct risk to their own life or limb, save, rescue or protect another person from death or imminent grave bodily injury. The risk to the officer shall have been so great, that no blame could be laid upon the officer had he or she not acted.

Chris Logsdon
Sam Powell
Phil Archibald

Gary Bailiff
Mike Mooney

Bill Thompson
Tim Isabell

The Distinguished Service Medal

The Distinguished Service Medal shall be presented to sworn or civilian employees. It shall be presented when in any one unusual or unique dangerous incident or series of events, a recipient demonstrates an unusually high degree of intelligence, courage, fortitude, strength, skill or tenacity, and such actions are above and beyond the general call of duty and greatly enhance the efficiency, or safety of the Wyoming Highway Patrol and / or its employees.

Jim McKenzie
Tom Stoker
Dan Dyer
Brad Anderson
Dave Chatfield
Gerry Cook
Carl McDonald
Buck Reisner
Jim Geeting
Jim Wilson
Jack Abbott

Gene Saltz
Lenny DeClercq
Phil Browder
Dave Schofield
Karen Beckner
Delane Baldwin
Cliff Bryant
Deb Sommerfeldt
Bill Kirkman
Stan Warne
Steve Townsend

Kleif Guenther
Brent Taylor
Rick Dye x2
Richard Burridge
Bob Garner
Fred Oyler
Keith Groeneweg
Kathy Majerus
Adam Davies
Carla Nichols

The Combat Cross

The Combat Cross shall be presented to any sworn officer who actively, primarily, and directly, is involved in any confrontation with a violent adversary, wherein shots were fired, or direct hand to hand combat took place. Such hand to hand combat must have been extreme and taxing due to the suspect’s strength or skill. Further, because of the officer’s skill, intelligence, strength, accuracy and courage, the suspect was stopped or taken into custody without further threat to the public or other officers.

Steve Watt
Gary Radcliff
Mike Swofford
Everette Ayers
Rick Dye x2
Troy McLees
Delane Baldwin
Deb Sommerfeldt
Dan Dyer
Stan Warne
Dave Coleman
Harry Smith
Joe Arzy
John Bauer
Dan Hensley

Howard Parkin
Dave Coleman
Clint Becker
Bill Kirkman x2
Ron Woodward
Lavar Olson
Troy Thompson
Jim Wilson
Cliff Ritchie
Jason Green
Mike Mooney
Devan Henderson
Kelly Broad
Steve Huntley

Bob Garner x2
Chuck Atkins
Tracy Self
Todd Leimser
Ted Bair
Paul Brunner
Stephen Townsend
Adam Davies
Carla Nichols
Joe Ryle
Tom Pritchard
Burl Gies
John Jerkins
Mike Picerno

The Purple Heart

The Purple Heart shall be presented to any sworn officer who, in any law enforcement activity or emergency response action, on or off duty, sustains serious bodily injury. Serious bodily injury is defined as any trauma or internal injury, which requires the immediate attention of a medical doctor, and time off for recovery.

Larry Szabo
Dennis Wilson
Sam Powell
Steve Watt
Gary Jones
Mike Tortorici x2
Pat Adams
Gary Marsden
Doug Dome
Duane Verley
Ted Bair
Paul Mann

Shane Swilling
Joe Arzy
Troy Thompson
Doug Deskin
Sam Donahue
Howard Parkin x2
Jim Geeting x2
Francis Parrott
Guy Naquin
Lucian Carter
Mike Rayburn
Mike Felicetti

John O’Connor x2
Delane Baldwin
Darrell Ketchum
John Bauer
Lance Novak
Tracy Self
Justin Minard
Paul Brunner
Kelly Hand
Eric Dearcorn
Joshua Blanchard
Homer Small

The Luke Schauland Medal of Life

The Luke Schauland Medal of Life shall be presented to any person who, because of quick, direct action, saves the life of any person who most certainly would have expired had the recipient not acted with skill and urgency.

Brian King
Mark Schauland
Richard Burridge
Mike Martin
Aaron Kleinman
Steve Huntley x2

Toni Long
Bob Garner
Carol Johnson
Terry Vincent
Dale Deepe
Ernest Richie

Gordon Herring
John Muller
Craig Sax
Kathy Starr
Adam Longo

Exemplary Citizen

The Exemplary Citizen Award shall be presented to any civilian not attached to the Wyoming Highway Patrol, who, at great personal risk, comes to the aid of any Wyoming Highway Patrol Officer in need of assistance due to a combative suspect.

Frankie Nelson
Robert Gaston

Brandon Wittrock
Frank Darty

Dave Darty
Bill Darty

Meritorious Conduct

The Meritorious Conduct Award shall be presented to any Wyoming Highway Patrol employee who, in any unusual or unique incident, performs at a level deserving of peer group recognition; and, in the event of any other person not attached to the Wyoming Highway Patrol, performs above and beyond any level which would be expected of a civilian volunteer.

Rick Dye
Ginger DiJohn
Gary Jones
Janet Geeting
Tamara Jones
Troy Maddox
Tom Adams
Dennis Wilson
William Powell
Missy Grimm
Michelle Ryle
Tom Dolbare
Heather O’Connor x2
Dianne Hansen
Brad White
Jonathan Russell

Dave Alley
Kellie Burns x2
Carol Rodriguez
Terry’s Towing
Dr. Jack Digliani
Hanna Fire / Rescue
Jim Bonner
WLEA Food Services
Alan Osterland
Daniel Hawkins
Scott Bohle
Mike Darty
Larry Jordan x2
Richard Darty
Bill Kirkman

Terry Hansen
Terry Adcock
Jim Armstrong
Jo Tennant
Tammy Varchette
Dr. Lawrence Greene
Carol Dinkins
Kim McLees
Jana Belt x2
Sandra Stimson
Adam Davies
Tom Pritchard x2
Kate Sherrod
Joyce Knapp
Josh Hardee

Carlie’s Gift

This financial gift is very special. It is named for Carlie McDonald, who, on New Year’s day in 1998, was killed by an intoxicated driver. Carlie, was the only child of WHP Lieutenant Carl McDonald. She was five years old. The award is based upon $5 for every DWUI arrest made in the previous year by members of the Wyoming Highway Patrol. Carlie’s dad, Carl, selects that person or group, who, in his opinion, has contributed in some outstanding way to the fight against DWUI, either by enforcement or education and assistance.

1999 – M.A.D.D. Wyoming
2000 – Fremont Traffic Safety
2001 – Fremont Traffic Safety
2002 – M.A.D.D. National
2003 – M.A.D.D.Wyoming
2004 – Fremont Traffic Safety M.A.D.D. Wyoming
2005 – Fremont Traffic Safety M.A.D.D. Wyoming
2006 – Fremont Traffic Safety M.A.D.D. Wyoming
2006 – Fremont Traffic Safety M.A.D.D. Wyoming
2008 – MADD Wyoming and Fremont County again for Carlies Gift